How can I view multiple live streams concurrently?


This feature is currently restricted to registered domains.


Live Streaming

Please see how to live-stream cameras and how to drag and drop tiles into your preferred position or sorted alphabetically.

Domain Streaming Options

The page enables you to specify the maximum number of concurrent live streams you want on any account in your domain.


Playing Multiple Live Streams

If you've set the max greater than 1 stream, then each tile of the live view ( includes a play button like this:


After you press the play button on each of them, they convert to live video streams like this:


Bandwidth Considerations

Please note that each live stream is a new connection to the primary stream of the camera. So opening multiple live streams uses additional uplink bandwidth equal to the sum of the bitrate of each camera being streamed. For example, opening 4 x 2Mbps cameras streams will use an additional 8Mbps uplink bandwidth. The same live streams are shared across users.



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