How do I connect Access Control Systems to Camio for tailgating detection, door alarm verification, and contact tracing

Access Control Systems

Camio annotates your video with access control events like access granted, door ajar, and forced open for tailgating detection, alarm verification, and contact tracing.

It takes less than 2 minutes to connect with these access control systems:

  1. Openpath
  2. OnGuard (Lenel)
  3. Brivo
  4. Twin Oaks
  5. AMAG
  6. C-CURE
  7. S2 (Lenel)
  8. Synergis (Genetec)
  9. Kisi

Fast visual verification

Camio enables fast search and alerts on events like tailgating, entry ajar, forced open, entry unlocked.  Read more at

Camio counts the number of people that pass through the door to compare that number to the actual number of access granted events. If those counts don't match, then the video is annotated with "tailgating" unauthorized access. This video illustrates tailgating detection as the floor plane tiles turn red when the second person enters after only one access granted event:


24x7 Video Annotated

Unlike systems that record only pre-event and post-event video triggered by the access control system, Camio continuously analyzes and records video 24x7. So the access control systems are simply "annotating" your video history using the timestamp of the access control event. 

If your access control system isn't listed above, just contact us to add it. Camio requires only 4 fields from your access control system:

  1. timestamp
  2. reader id
  3. badge id
  4. event type

Camio manages the asynchronous arrival of events and video to trigger the analyses, alerts, and data streaming used for the fastest time-to-results.


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