Exporting logs to Splunk

Streaming logs

You can stream logs to Splunk via the Splunk Add-on for Google Cloud Platform.

This feature must first be enabled for your domain by contacting support@camio.com.

Camio creates a custom Log Router for your domain that writes to the Cloud Pub/Sub topic, from which your Splunk Add-on pulls logs.


Events logged to Splunk

Key Definition
Box State Sampled Camio servers contacted the Box to get all of the settings and status
Box Config Changed A user made a change to a Box setting
App Open A user has opened https://camio.com/app (or refreshed)
Account Created A new user was created at https://camio.com/app
Box Claimed An attempt to register a Box was made
Box Deleted A Box was deleted from an Account
Box Registered A Box was registered to an Account
Camio Created An event was shared via a link or Saved
Guest Added A new Guest Account was created under the Account
Searched A user searched for events or refreshed the real time feed
Sign in A user has presented credentials to sign in
Sign out A user signed out at https://camio.com/app
Zone Created A new zone was created at https://camio.com/app/editor/?camera=
Label Updated A label was added, updated, or deleted
Domain Changed A setting at https://camio.com/domains was changed
Cameras Exported Cameras were exported from a Box at https://camio.com/boxes
Download A user downloaded event(s) as a Zip or CSV file
Removed A user has Removed an event from the feed
Live Stream Interaction A user started or stopped a live stream via https://camio.com/app/#live
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