How can I zoom and pan while playing video?

Beta (This feature is still being tested. Only Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers are supported)

Zoom, pan, and advance frame-by-frame to see details that are important across multiple videos in each Event.


  1. Use the Toggle Pan/Zoom menu item in the overflow menu of the Event Viewer to enable or disable the Pan/Zoom video player. Alternatively, use the 'm' key to toggle.

  2. Scroll in/out with your cursor position on the target of the zoom. You can also use the +/- zoom icons in the upper right. In this example, the cursor first zooms into the person's face and then pans as he walks through the entry, then zooms out:


Press and hold the mouse while dragging to pan the video in any direction.


Advancing Frame-by-frame

Zoom is often used to see detail that may be visible in only a few frames of a video. For precise control, pause the video by clicking on the video and then advance forward or backward frame by frame use the [ (move 1 frame left) and ] (move 1 frame right) keys or by clicking the arrows in the bottom right.



Progress Bar

Each Event includes 1 or more 12-second videos. The Pan/Zoom Viewer incrementally stitches the videos together without waiting for all videos to download. When videos are large or your Internet connection is slow, you will see a progress bar in the lower left indicating how many of the total videos in the Event have been loaded.

If a camera uses Lazy Indexing, then the progress bar shows the number of videos that have been requested for upload along with a placeholder video that loops until the video has been retrieved.



This pan/zoom feature will become part of the main Event Viewer after exiting Beta. The Pan/Zoom Viewer doesn't yet support Croppings and Labeling


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