Occupancy Sampling

Create a Trigger

To enable occupancy sampling on an account, go to the triggers settings page and create a new trigger with the action people sampling (count_people_sample).




A trigger consists of two parts, a query and a list of actions. The query determines when the selected actions fire. For example, the default query:

people every 5 minutes 9am to 6pm

and action:


means that people sampling will be performed whenever there are people and sampling has not occurred for 5 or more minutes between the hours of 9am and 6pm.

The query can be any search you would normally use when searching via the app, and can include camera names, zone names, times of day, etc.

When you have configured your new trigger, hit Save Trigger. People sampling will automatically begin when your query is matched by a new event.

View Counts via Dashboard

Sampling results can be viewed on the object count sampling dashboard. The dashboard shows the min, max, and average for the time period the data is grouped by (minute, hour, day). 


Counts are separated by query and can be further broken down by camera and object type (people or vehicles).

Click on a data point to review matching search results.

View Counts via Search

Events with sampling performed have an icon indicating the object type and the count:



You can search for events with counts with queries such as:

  • over 2 people
  • exactly 5 people
  • under 10 people yesterday
  • over 0 people Front Entrance 9pm to 6am

To get all events with people sampling, search with the internal label _cs_human_counted.

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