My Dahua NVR is still using H.265 even though I've requested H.264. How do I fix that?


Camio requires H.264 video encoding for both analysis and playback in all Web browsers.

You will see "hevc" as the codec_name on your Support page if your video stream is H.265:

codec_name: hevc

The desired value for the required H.264 encoding is:

codec_name: h264 

Video Encoding Settings

This is an example of the desired settings for the Main Stream of a Dahua NVR. These settings are unique to each individual channel.

The key parts to confirm on the Main Stream are:
1. Encode Type: H.264
2. Smart Code: Close
3. StreamCtrl: BRC_VBR (not the CBR shown below)
4. Bit Stream: 2048Kbps
5. I Interval: 2S (2 seconds)

Be sure to press Save and Apply.

You may need to reboot the NVR in order for the new stream settings to take effect. Though this shouldn't be required, we've had reports of the new settings not taking effect until after reboot.


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