What are the prerequisites for Tier 2 support?

The Camio Support team handles Tier 2 support requests escalated by partners that have already completed Tier 1 support.

Careful with Network Configuration Changes

The most common support escalations are loss of Internet connectivity after having made network configuration changes that either:

  1. removed DHCP (so we strongly recommend that you retain DHCP whenever possible)
  2. assigned conflicting gateway to secondary NIC (so be sure to omit gateway from NIC2 configuration)

Please complete the prerequisite checks for Box offline or camera offline and then paste the information in an email to support@camio.com.

Camio Box Offline

If your Camio Box isn't connected to the Internet, then you won't see it using this tool:

  1. verify power is connected.
  2. verify Ethernet patch cable for the Internet (WAN) is connected to the primary NIC (NIC1).
  3. verify that a laptop connected to the same switch as used by the Box can:
    1. ping camio.com
    2. ping
  4. include the MAC address of the Camio Box and the email address of its intended owner.

Camera Offline

  1. copy and paste the stream status inclusive of MAC address from the Support page 
    https://camio.com/tools/accounts and verify that the stream status isn't:
    1. 401 (incorrect username/password) or
    2. 400 (incorrect RTSP URL), or
    3. 404 (MAC not found on the LAN)
  2. copy and paste the Support page link itself with the end customer's email address like:

Preparing for Remote Support

Install the recommended 3rd party software (e.g. Zoom, VLC).

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