Luminance Sampling

To detect problems like a broken light in a pool or unexpected lights in a server room, you can use luminance sampling. You create a trigger, review dashboards, and use search and alerts to review incidents.

Creating a Trigger

The sampling is triggered anytime an Even matches the query you associate with the trigger. For example, to sample luminance of the pool every 5 minutes only between 12am and 3am, your Trigger query would be:

pool every 5 minutes

For example, this is the trigger to sample both luminance and occupancy every 1 minute in the Server Room:


Luminance Dashboard

Review the trends over time with the dashboard:


Search & Alerts

You can search by the luminance of the overall scene and by individual zone in searches like these:

  • luminance under 30 in pool
  • luminance over 40 in server room
  • luminance less than 33

Any query you pin becomes and alert.


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