Can I pay for Pro plan analysis only when I need it?

Yes, you can request the Pro plan's advanced analysis on a limited portion of your video history even if your camera(s) were not subscribed to the Pro plan at the time of the event.

This feature is helpful for cameras used only for after-the-fact forensic analysis, because the cost of the Pro analysis is incurred only after you've identified the need for an investigation, and you can constrain the time period that requires analysis.

  1. Perform a search that includes the content that you'd like labeled by the Pro plan.
    • e.g. if you want to find an Audi Q5 that was reported as a hit-and-run sometime between 8:30am and 4pm yesterday, you would enter the query:
      [8:30am to 4pm friday]
  2. Press the Relabel with Pro button in the Search Panel to request that Camio recognize the make and model of cars in all events matching the query above.
  3. Perform the advanced search inclusive of the newly applied make/model labels for the Audi Q5:
    • [audi q5 8:30am to 4pm friday]
  4. See the cost of the on-demand Pro labeling in the email sent to you describing the number of events that were analyzed.



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