How do I transfer my Camio Box to a new account?

If you've already registered a Camio Box under your account and need to move it to a new account owner, then you must first delete the Box from your account so that the new owner can re-register the Box.

NOTE: If the new owner is a member of your organization and plans to connect to the same cameras, then you might first want to Export your connected cameras to a CSV file so that the new owner can just import them again after re-registering the Box.


  1. Export your cameras to CSV if you're transferring the cameras to the new owner (make sure to select "Connected Cameras").
  2. Leave the Box plugged-in to power and Ethernet so that it can receive the command to delete itself from your account.
  3. Press the Delete menu item in the Box dropdown menu of the page:

  4. Give the Box to its new owner with its MAC address to be re-registered at:
  5. If you performed step 1 above to export cameras to CSV, then edit the CSV file to change only the user_email value to the email address of the new owner. Then import the CSV file to associate those same cameras with the new owner.


p.s. - if you need to re-register a Camio Box when its previous owner is unavailable to perform step #2 above, and if you have a USB drive, then you can instead perform a factory reset as described in the article How do I reset my Camio Box to factory settings?



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