How do I factory-reset my Sharx SCNC3605, SCNC3805, SCNC3905 outdoor camera?

Do you have an Android phone with a data plan?

If so, use the Camio Android App to use your phone as a temporary WiFi Hotspot to join your cameras to your new permanent WiFi network.

RESET your camera to its factory-default settings first by pressing the black reset button behind the lens as shown in this photo. The button is adjacent to the SD Card slot.
    1. Make sure your Android phone has a 3G/4G data connection from your carrier at the location of the camera.

    2. Join your Android phone to the 2.4GHz WiFi network you intend the camera to use (Sharx does not work with the 5GHz channel).

    3. Open the Android Camio app.

    4. RESET your Sharx to its factory-default setting by pressing and holding the black button in this picture while the camera remains connected to power.
      RESET button

    5. Wait 1 minute while the camera restarts.

    6. Tap Add IP Camera in the overflow menu (...) in the top right corner of the Camio app.

    7. Tap Use this phone's Hotspot:
      Use this phone's Hotspot
    8. Wait for your phone's Hotspot to activate and for the number (1) to appear on top of the Hotspot icon in the system notification bar at the top of your screen as indication that the camera has joined your temporary hotspot.

    9. Follow the steps to scan for your Sharx camera and configure it.


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