Why is my Box offline? How do I fix it?

Possible reasons for a Box to be offline are:

  1. no power
    Make sure the Box is plugged-in to power.
  2. no network connection
    Verify that you see sporadically blinking light on the Box's Ethernet port and that you can see the Box's MAC address on your local network.
  3. invalid network configuration
    If you accidentally assigned a manual network configuration that's incompatible with your network (e.g. gave it an incorrect static IP address, gateway IP address, or DNS server), then perform a factory reset.
  4. hardware failure
    To diagnose whether the Box hardware itself has failed (e.g. bad disk), you can plug the Box into a monitor via the HDMI port just to see whether the Box boots when you re-power it by observing the system startup messages.
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