What type of Events can be detected automatically for Alerts?

Alerts are persistent Searches

Camio treats Search and Alerts as two sides of the same feature. An Alert is simply a persistent Search. So any type of query used in a Search can also be an Alert.

Alerts are based on pinned search queries. For example, the following alert would notify you anytime a person approaches the "front desk" zone of the "Lobby" camera of the "Barcelona" account only between the hours of 2am and 6am each day:
[ people approaching Barcelona Lobby front desk 2am to 6am]


Types of Queries

Search queries currently support:

  1. accounts (e.g. if by property "Barcelona")
  2. camera names (e.g. "Lobby")
  3. camera labels (e.g. "garage", "elevator", "san mateo")
  4. times (e.g. "2am to 6am" restricts alerts to that window daily)
  5. general class of object (e.g. "cars" vs. "people")
  6. colors of the moving objects (e.g. "people in blue on sidewalk")
  7. zone intersections (e.g. movement in a region like "front desk")
  8. direction of movement (e.g. approaching or departing)
  9. schedules (e.g. "people in lobby schedule: 12pm to 1pm weekdays")
  10. access control events (e.g. Door Held Open, Door Forced Open, Access Granted)
  11. tailgating detection (see https://camio.com/tailgating)
  12. camera groups (e.g. "SOC Staff" for the subset of cameras accessible to your SOC staff)
  13. optical character recognition (OCR like "FedEx")
  14. object labeling (Deep Learning labels like "Toyota", "truck", "weapon")
  15. activity labeling (Deep Learning labels like "running", "walking")
  16. face detection (i.e. the query [faces])
  17. social distancing and mask detection for COVID-19 (see https://camio.com/sd)
  18. occupancy counts (e.g. "over 20 people", "under 5 vehicles", "exactly 2 people")
  19. dwell times in zone (e.g. "people in restricted area over 10 seconds")
  20. luminance (e.g. "pool lights luminance under 30" to detect lights out)
  21. pose estimation (e.g. "crouching in garage" for catalytic converter theft)
  22. DIY Detectors (e.g. "security vehicle" trained on your guard service vehicles)


1-10**: Included in Camio Standard Plans!

Future Types of Queries

One key driver behind the use of Camio is that it always exploits the very latest advances, because it's open to the best cloud-connected services. So rather than being stuck in an eddy of one particular chipset or single-company solution, your cameras are connected to a steady stream of continual improvements. If you have particular needs, just contact us. We will create or find specialized 3rd-party models (like the ones for fish-face classification).


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