How do I share search results via link?

Camio Query Links enable you to share a constrained portion of your video history via link with anyone who has the link.

Sharing via Link

  1. Enter your query
    It can be any query at all, but you'll typically include the specific cameras and time range like [front entrance 6am to 9am] and press Enter or Search to execute the search.

  2. Click in the search box and press the Share via link button:share_via_link_Screen_Shot_2018-04-25_at_4.14.06_PM.png

  3. Press the Email/Link button to create a shareable link:

  4. Copy the link
    Then paste the link in your email or share the link any way you'd like.

Anyone with the link now has access to the results from the query you entered. If you'd like to require authentication even when using the Query Link, then see "How do I restrict access to a link I've shared?" You can also delete the link anytime to revoke access at


Sharing with Signed-in Guests Only

If you'd prefer to share a small number of selected Events or share only with a Guest on your account, then see "How do I share my video?"



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