What is lazy indexing and how does it reduce SaaS fees?

Lazy indexing is the SaaS plan option that leaves all the Events and video on the Box gateway device until requested by a search query that includes a date/time range.

Lazy indexing is great for use cases in which after-the-fact forensic search is sufficient, since you pay for the cloud indexing and storage only when you retrieve from Box specific time ranges of interest.

Lazy indexing goes into effect whenever a video stream is outside of its recording schedule. Without a recording schedule, all Events are uploaded and indexed immediately.

During periods of lazy indexing, the video streams are still connected continuously to the Box gateway. The Box pre-processes and stores the Events on its local storage buffer, so they're fast to retrieve on-demand.

For example, a hotel gym camera may have no need for active monitoring and alerts, and any incident requiring investigation may be known within a few days. So by using lazy indexing, there are no cloud indexing and storage costs until there's a forensic search like [8am to 10am Sunday] to retrieve and search only that 2-hour period.

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