What qualifying questions identify sales opportunities to integrate video with access control?

These questions help you determine whether access control customers are good candidates for integrated video surveillance.

  1. Is tailgating a significant security, liability, or intellectual property risk?
    • Would detection of mismatches between badge-in count and people count help?
    • Does your team want to triage and review cases quickly no matter where they are?
  2. Is unauthorized access a significant risk that's hard to detect from badge-ins alone?
    • Is a door left ajar a frequent source of "false alarms"?
  3. Do you regularly perform forensic investigations that take a lot of time?
    • Do you often search through video to figure out what happened when issues arise?
  4. Does regulatory compliance require a controlled access audit history verified by video?
  5. Are there sensitive zones beyond entrances/exits that need to be protected?
    • Are particular interior or exterior locations restricted or off-limits to loitering?


What is tailgating?

"Tailgating" is when multiple people enter a building with only a single "badge-in" to the access control system. Tailgating is often just a polite holding-of-the-door for a co-worker, but may also be suspicious unauthorized access that requires investigation.

How does Camio know 3D locations from 2D cameras?

Camio enables regular 2D cameras to understand 3D scenes. Common zone intersection techniques get confused by occluding objects in the foreground. But Camio knows, for example, the location of this person with 12-inch precision even as he walks behind a backpack 60 feet away.



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