How can I reduce costs by using query-match indexing?

Auto-upload Query Filter

Unlike Lazy Indexing, which uploads Events only after they're requested by a specific time range query, and Full indexing, which automatically uploads all Events immediately, Query-match indexing uploads Events automatically only when they match a specific query condition.

For example, if a Security Operations Center needs to monitoring only human and vehicle activity during the nighttime, then the Auto-upload Query Filter might look like:

people or vehicles 11pm PDT to 6am PDT

All Events are still analyzed and stored locally on the Box gateway, but only those Events that include people or vehicles during the hours between 11pm at night and 6am the following morning will be uploaded to the cloud automatically.

Query-match indexing is enabled by specifying the Auto-upload Query Filter.  Learn how in this article

Lazy, Query-match, or Full indexing

Costs are determined primarily by a) the number of Events indexed in the cloud and b) the total storage in the cloud. So Query-match indexing reduces both cost factors by filtering the Events uploaded. As an example, the chart below illustrates the way Camio helps match service levels to your customer's target price points.





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