How do I get tailgating alerts?

Security Policy Alert

Regardless of each user's own preferred pinned query alerts, you can also send security policy violation notices via email by entering the desired Tailgating email template at with variables like this:

The mustache variables are in bold below just to make them apparent in this example template. You can just copy/paste this example or customize it to fit your own security policy and culture. If you omit the {{user}} variable, then the tailgating notice is sent only to the owner of the account rather than to the people whose credentials were used in the tailgating incident.

Email Template Example

------ begin example template ------

Dear {{user}}, 
You are receiving this message because you allowed someone entry using your credentials (known as "tailgating"). In accordance with our security policy, the tailgater must use their own credentials or be signed in as a visitor immediately. If the tailgater has credentials of their own, please insist they go back and use them. If the tailgater is a visitor, make sure you have seen the visitor's identification and that they sign in. In both cases, you must forward this email to and acknowledge that this process has been followed.
Please review {{event_link}}.

------ end example template ------


Template Variables

There are three mustache variables available for the tailgating email template.

Variable Replaced with Comment
{{user}} One or more users involved in the tailgating incident. Optional. If the {{user}} variable is included in the email template, then the email will be sent to each user involved. If not, then the email is sent only to the account owner.
{{event}} The URL to view the tailgating Event. Optional. The URL that replaces {{event}} requires authentication in order to view, so the recipient must be a Guest on the account (see how to add Guests)
{{event_link}} The URL to view the Event without authentication required. Optional. NOTE: The URL that replaces {{event_link}} can be viewed by anyone in possession of the link without sign-in. See more about sharing via link.
{{reviewer}} The owner of the account, who is sole recipient to review the incident prior to forwarding to others. Optional. If the {{reviewer}} variable is included, then only the email associated with the account receives the email. That way, the incident can be reviewed prior to forwarding to the {{user}} involved.


Managing on behalf of end customer

If you're managing the account of another user, then be sure to add the user= query string parameter. For example, if the end user that granted you Can Manage permission is, then you use the link:


Pinned Query Alert

Any Guest on the account can also get an alert anytime tailgating is detected by using the standard pinned query approach.

  1. Pin tailgating as the query

  2. Choose via Email for notifications at

Getting alerts only during certain hours

Let's say you only want to receive tailgating alerts when your facility is closed (after hours). Here's an example of some searches (click to view the search results in Camio):



Also see how to set up tailgating detection.


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