How do enterprise deployments typically get started?

The initial steps often require designating 3 point people who lead these roles within your organization:

  1. IT Security
  2. Compliance/Governance
  3. Physical Security

Some of the common questions and answers are included below.

IT Security

  1. Q: What network access is required?
    A: Only outbound port 443 is required to connect to the cloud. The on-premise Box typically bridges one NIC on the camera LAN and another NIC that's connected to the Internet. See some best practice recommendations for networking.

  2. Q: What on-premise hardware is required?
    A: If you have existing computers/servers, then you can use them by running the free Box VM. There are tips to match CPU and RAM resources to the count of video streams you connect.

  3. Q: How is the video secured?
    The video is encrypted in transmission and at rest in storage. Content is shredded and encrypted with hardened key management systems.


  1. Q: Are any biometrics or PII stored?
    A: No. Camio segments, tracks, and counts people for tailgating, social distancing, and mask detection without storing any biometrics or PII.

  2. Q: Is face recognition used?
    A: No, not by default. Face Detection (not Recognition) is used to determine whether people are wearing masks. Face Recognition must be explicitly enabled.

  3. Q: Are audit logs of account access available?
    A: Yes, the actions of each user are logged and available in your access log dashboard.

Physical Security

  1. Q: What are the primary cost savings in using Camio?
    A: Camio reduces false positives by 90% and makes video review 5x faster, so the same SOC staff member can cover 50x more cameras with efficiencies like Event StreamingQuick Labels, Tailgating detection, and Contact Tracing.

  2. Q: How can we detect and prevent unauthorized access?
    A: Tailgating detection counts the people passing through an entryway and compares to the number of access granted events. Optional automated emails help effect the culture change desired in being both polite and secure. 

  3. Q: Does this work with my existing cameras?
    A: Yes, any industry-standard camera with H.264 video works. If your make and model isn't yet on this list, then it will be added same-day.

All three stakeholders complete a one-page Proof-of-Value (POV) to ensure that the implementation team focuses on the right use cases. Contact for assistance.


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