What's the minimum information needed for a remote installation?

If support@camio.com is helping to set up your deployment virtually, this is the information required.

  1. username and password of each RTSP stream
    The username and password required to access the RTSP stream of the camera/NVR are sometimes different from the ones used to administer the camera/NVR. If in doubt, you can verify that you have the correct credentials by opening the RTSP stream with VLC.

  2. RTSP URL of each H.264 video stream
    Camio knows the RTSP URL of most cameras automatically. The stream you connect must be H.264 encoding (not H.265). However, if your camera is missing from the current list, then the Camio team will add it prior to the day of setup by using the OUI (first 6 characters of the MAC address) to associate an RTSP URL template that looks similar to this example:

  3. IP address and name of each video stream
    Cameras are sometimes on their own isolated LAN. If the Camio Box gateway is on the same subnet as the cameras, then it can discover the cameras automatically; otherwise, it's best to have a spreadsheet listing the IP address and name of each RTSP stream on the LAN.

  4. Network connection for the Camio Box gateway itself
    Whether using a Camio Box or our virtual machine, Camio Box VM, the box or host computer must talk to both the camera LAN and these servers on the Internet. The customer must have access to the VM host machine in order to screenshare with Camio if any network setting need changing. See the network recommendations

  5. email address of the end customer's primary admin contact
    The end customer admin must sign in at https://camio.com/app to create the preferred admin account and then share "Can Manage" permission with support@camio.com only for the installation day at:

  6. username and password of PACS (optional)
    For Physical Access Control System integration, the username and password of the admin account permitted to create the webhooks that relay events to Camio.

The Camio support team will send a video chat link for the day of installation so that it's simple to share screens and exchange information via copy/paste. Please read about what can go wrong.

If you're installing without Camio support, please see the article on preparing for installation day.

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