What's the checklist to prepare for remote installation?

The remote installation of Camio usually takes 45-90 minutes. Everything can be done remotely with the exception of plugging in any new Ethernet cable(s). This list of information, technical requirements, and tools will ensure that you're ready for the remote installation.

Please make sure your team’s Network Administrator is available during the installation process.

Minimum information required

  1. Collect this minimum information required for remote installation. It's easiest to collect the camera names and IP addresses the spreadsheet template used for CSV import of cameras.

Technical checklist

  1. Internet connection
    Firewall problems ranging from MAC filters to DHCP restrictions are common causes of problems outlined in Why isn't Camio Box working on my corporate network?

  2. The VM provisioned with the right CPU and memory
    The Box VM needs CPU and Memory proportionate to the stream count and resolution. Make sure you've allocated the resources required outlined in How do I tune my Camio Box VM to match the number of connected video streams?

  3. Box VM network interface can communicate with the camera LAN
    The Camio Box VM must have a LAN port that can talk to the cameras. The simplest and most common way to achieve that is to use the same subnet. See the Box network_cidr_definition on the Support page (https://camio.com/tools/accounts) to compare a camera IP address to your Box IP address to make sure both IP addresses are on the same subnet. Simple pre-flight test: Can you open one camera's RTSP URL using VLC from the VM host machine?


  1. Usernames and passwords
    This is the most common problem of all. If the username and password of a camera are unknown, then the camera often must be reset to factory default, which can only be done in-person. So it's critical to know the admin username and password of all cameras.

  2. Zoom
    To make screen sharing simple  with copy/paste of information and URLs to avoid typos and voice instruction errors, get Zoom installed on the computer to be used to access both the VM host computer and the camera LAN.

Recommended 3rd Party Tools

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