Why isn't Camio Box finding my cameras on the network?

Camio Box scans the local subnet to find cameras and NVRs it recognizes on the local network. The current list of automatically recognized video streams is:

If your https://camio.com/boxes page isn't showing any cameras discovered on your network after the scan completes, then check these possible causes:

  1. Is the Camio Box itself online?
    If the name of your Box is red on the /boxes page, then the Box has no network connection to camio.com. If the Box is offline, then make sure that your network supports DHCP at least for the initial setup. If you don't want to use DHCP, then you can assign Box a static IP address later. Also, make sure that your firewall allows standard SSL outbound connections on port 443 (this is common for all https web browsing, so unlikely to be the problem)

  2. Is the Camio Box on the same network as your cameras?
    Many new home WiFi systems (like Google WiFi and Netgear Orbi) create a completely separate network for WiFi-connected devices. So the Camio Box itself must also be on that same network in order to connect to the WiFi cameras. That means that the Ethernet cable for Camio Box must be connected to an open Ethernet port of your WiFi system instead of a port on your cable modem/router.

  3. Are your cameras and NVRs on the same local subnet as the Camio Box?
    The network scan can only see devices on the same local subnet. For example, if your router is configured with a subnet mask of, then Box can see only the 254 devices on its same subnet. You can still add cameras manually using a static IP or host name even if they're on a different subnet.

  4. Is the camera/NVR online?
    Does the camera or NVR have an IP address that's accessible from the network to which Camio Box is attached? Sometimes cameras and NVRs reside on networks isolated from other computers and devices on your office network.

  5. Does the camera/NVR support H.264 encoded video over RTSP?
    Nearly all cameras and NVRs support ONVIF access via RTSP URLs, but you can verify by opening the video stream using VLC.

  6. Is the RTSP video stream accessible with username and password?
    Camio Box access the RTSP video streams on the local network using Basic Authentication (username and password). So make sure that the RTSP stream is accessible (see the step above for the VLC test).

  7. Is the username and password for the video stream correct?
    See the article "How can I diagnose problems with my video streams" to check for authorization errors.

You can also add a camera without relying on network scan results by using Expert Mode or CSV Import.

If you're still having problems, just contact us via the chat window below or at support@camio.com.




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